Photo page gets better!

February 10, 2012

Yes, the page that showcases your beautiful photos, that’s the one.

First, we’ve completely taken the page apart, analyzed each section under the microscope. Then, using advanced user experience optimization techniques and voodoo dolls, we pieced the page back together. Over the years (8.5 years to be exact) the photo page has evolved into a complete state of cohesion, where each piece of functionality is strongly related to one another. Euphoria.

Now the actual breakdown:

  1. Image Zoom – no flash player needed (read: works on iPads!), works within the page (no more popups!), faster load times, easy on/off switch.
  2. Purchasing options – stands out more, redesigned and cleaned-up “Help Me Choose” behavior (no popup, loads directly on page).
  3. Share tools – they show up in a non-intrusive expandable panel, Google+ added. Share away!
  4. Previous and Next links added to the top of the image to navigate within current album.
  5. My Photo dashboard – new layout for the contributor info related to the image. Why is it yellow? So that you can tell it apart from the content that other people will see about your photo.
  6. Similar images recommendations added, which is like a reality check to make sure no one else is shooting and posting rare coin collection photos.
  7. Faster page loading speed with primary content available ahead of the rest of the page being fully ready. There’s really no visual way to explain this, except voooosh!

ShutterPoint Team

What it takes to sell photos online

July 25, 2011

Dollar Sign It’s no secret that some photographic subjects are highly marketable, while others are harder and harder to sell. Enormous growth of the stock photo industry in the recent years coupled with internet expansion has opened doors to the world of stock photography for many photographers.

Stock photo agencies around the world have accumulated quite a large number of “non-dated” images that will not need to be replaced any time soon. These images include animals, sunsets, clouds, and natural landmarks – the very subjects many photographers love to take pictures of.  ShutterPoint’s own statistics confirm that these subjects are in high supply but demand is scarce.

While these images do sell, getting “a piece of the pie” in these categories is hard. (Please see the Selling Photos on ShutterPoint for more examples of low marketability subjects).

The key to success in the stock photography field is to figure out what the buyers of photography want, and then provide it. Many photographers shoot what they want instead of what buyers want, and then are disappointed with their stock sales. If you are seriously trying to sell your photography, you need to choose your subject wisely. Before taking a picture intended for stock use, ask yourself how such an image may be used. If you are not sure what it can be used for, the photo buyer won’t be either. On the other hand, if you can create an image the buyers need, they will buy it from you regardless of your level of experience or who you are, often paying a higher price. This makes producing WHAT BUYERS WANT a simple, but often overlooked concept in stock photography.

The above has been taken from the ShutterPoint Marketable Photography Guide. If you have not yet taken a look at it, we strongly recommend all photographers serious about selling photos to read it and try to follow the tips in the guide.

ShutterPoint photographers can get the guide free with any active storage space subscription.

Image Collections: Thematic Concepts

June 4, 2011

Sometimes we just don’t know what to search for.

Lets say you are a graphic artist tasked to build a brochure for the US Army recruitment office. You may have an idea for a photo to use in the graphic, but it’s not very specific because you were asked to portray patriotism.

How would you portray patriotism? Is it a proud soldier, an American flag, maybe uniform, or some kind of combination? Naturally, you’d turn to stock photos and look for an image that catches your eye. For designers, looking for that perfect graphic translates into flipping through many pages of online stock image search results.

It’s frustrating and difficult to find a conceptual graphic when all the stock photos are tagged with flat keywords like “man, flag, weapon.”

But wait, what’s this? Collection? This is just what you, the designer, were looking for! Modern War – Men, Weapons, and Pain. A hand-picked collection of relevant stock photos on your topic of interest. War, army, soldiers, jet, tank, pain, military, patriotism, it’s all here.

This new thematic collection feature is in beta. More collections will become available in the coming months.

P.S. Patriotism may look something like this:

patriotism, war, army, navy, military

Patriotism Photo - War Photo

More Eyes on Your Photos

March 9, 2011

We want your wonderful photos to get noticed and that is why we bring you…:

ShutterPoint-Facebook integration!

So, a couple of things.

  1. Each photo on ShutterPoint now features a “Like” button. You can “Like” any of the photos, yes including your own, and it will appear on your Facebook wall.
  2. ShutterPoint is now wired to share your photo activity on Facebook without you lifting a finger!There is a number of benefits gained from this new functionality:

    ○ Get additional exposure for your photos through Facebook.
    ○ Update your friends of your ShutterPoint activity.
    ○ Help spread the word about your images and images of other members.

    Here’s how this actually works:

    For example, when you upload a new photo to SP, an update will be posted on your FB wall and your friends will automatically find out.

    New Upload to ShutterPoint

    When you add a favorite album, favorite photo, or favorite member to your ShuttePoint profile, this too can be posted on your wall and your FB friends will automatically find out.

    New Favorite Update

    Finally, when you comment on a photo on ShutterPoint, your Facebook friends will find out.

    Wait, there’s more! If you decide to change your own profile pic or e-mail address or even gender status on Facebook, those updates will automatically be reflected on your ShutterPoint profile page. Anyone planning a gender change?

    You can enable all this wonderful functionality through the Account Sharing Page.

    Through this page, you can pick and choose which type of ShutterPoint activity will be shared with your friends on Facebook.

Now that you are empowered with the new Facebook features, be aware that sharing your photos with friends is addictive, so remain sensible!

PS: Don’t worry about posting to many updates at once, Facebook has a nice feature of condensing wall posts into a nice little pragraph with a link to see the rest.

Activity Tape: Stay In The Loop

December 29, 2009

Seems like everything is going “social” these days and we at ShutterPoint are following suit!

Why? Because everyone wants to know everything at the very moment it happens and we gladly support this concept.

The new Activity Tape feature alerts users of updates from their fan base.

Lets say you are a member photographer and you happen to like Murdock’s SP photo gallery, and so some time ago, you clicked to ‘become a fan of’ Murdock. Now that the activity tape feature is in place, will display updates when Murdock –

– becomes a fan of someone else
– uploads a new photo
– posts something in ShuttePoint Forums
– comments on someone else’s photo

We think it’s pretty cool! Keep in mind that if you are using a previously customized version of the home page, you will need to click ‘Customize this page’ from your home page and make sure ‘Activity Tape’ section is enabled for viewing.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

ShutterPoint on Facebook!

October 8, 2009

ShutterPoint now has a Facebook page! Become a fan and stay in touch with the news and updates from

shutterpointShutterPoint’s Facebook Page

Don’t forget to click on “Like” button and you will start getting SP updates on your Facebook wall.

Sorry Sheryl..

June 18, 2009

So last night I was confronted with the fact that a mysterious mishap happened during the final compilation of the Marketable Photography Guide 2009.

Apparently, a page containing an interview with photographer Sheryl Kasper has “fallen through the cracks” and did not make it into the final SP Guide.

At this point, we have updated the SP Guide with Sheryl’s interview and posted the new version on the site.

Sheryl, we at ShutterPoint would like to sincerely apologize for this mistake.


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