Marketable Photography Guide 2009!

It’s finally ready!

Yes, this year it comes a bit later than usual… but this is in part due to all the hard work put into the new SP Guide!

If you’ve never seen the SP Guide before, in short, it is an e-book in PDF format that consists of three parts.

  1. A comprehensive how-to guide that explains everything you need to know about selling photos. Starting from choosing subject and taking the photo, to image post-production, and to uploading the image to
  2. A collection of 800+ popular images that sold on at least once within the previous year.
  3. Insightful interviews with some of the top-selling photographers, who offer practical tips on selling photos online.

The 2009 Edition of the SP Guide is longer and better. This year look for:

  • 116 pages of quality content that gives you an inside scoop of how to sell your photos.
  • Updated walk-through every step on the way to offering your images for sale.
  • Improved categorization of images in the Showcase section. This year the images were broken up into four main categories: People, Animals, Objects, and Places.
  • Added “Tip Boxes” within the Showcase of images.
  • Photographer interviews followed by a sample of images from the featured photographer.

The Marketable Photography Guide 2009 is completely free to ShutterPoint members! Ready to read? Remember, the table of contents is interactive, which makes it extremely easy to navigate.


If you are not yet a member, take a look at the 5-page Preview of the SP Guide.


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