More Eyes on Your Photos

We want your wonderful photos to get noticed and that is why we bring you…:

ShutterPoint-Facebook integration!

So, a couple of things.

  1. Each photo on ShutterPoint now features a “Like” button. You can “Like” any of the photos, yes including your own, and it will appear on your Facebook wall.
  2. ShutterPoint is now wired to share your photo activity on Facebook without you lifting a finger!There is a number of benefits gained from this new functionality:

    ○ Get additional exposure for your photos through Facebook.
    ○ Update your friends of your ShutterPoint activity.
    ○ Help spread the word about your images and images of other members.

    Here’s how this actually works:

    For example, when you upload a new photo to SP, an update will be posted on your FB wall and your friends will automatically find out.

    New Upload to ShutterPoint

    When you add a favorite album, favorite photo, or favorite member to your ShuttePoint profile, this too can be posted on your wall and your FB friends will automatically find out.

    New Favorite Update

    Finally, when you comment on a photo on ShutterPoint, your Facebook friends will find out.

    Wait, there’s more! If you decide to change your own profile pic or e-mail address or even gender status on Facebook, those updates will automatically be reflected on your ShutterPoint profile page. Anyone planning a gender change?

    You can enable all this wonderful functionality through the Account Sharing Page.

    Through this page, you can pick and choose which type of ShutterPoint activity will be shared with your friends on Facebook.

Now that you are empowered with the new Facebook features, be aware that sharing your photos with friends is addictive, so remain sensible!

PS: Don’t worry about posting to many updates at once, Facebook has a nice feature of condensing wall posts into a nice little pragraph with a link to see the rest.

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3 Responses to More Eyes on Your Photos

  1. C Atkinson says:

    Hmm… I just get:
    There was an error trying to link your account to Facebook.


    Hello…newbie here…I’m glad to hear that you now have a link to Facebook.

  3. You’ve done gr8 job! excellent blog! I always love to read your post..

    Thanks for sharing.

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