Image Collections: Thematic Concepts

Sometimes we just don’t know what to search for.

Lets say you are a graphic artist tasked to build a brochure for the US Army recruitment office. You may have an idea for a photo to use in the graphic, but it’s not very specific because you were asked to portray patriotism.

How would you portray patriotism? Is it a proud soldier, an American flag, maybe uniform, or some kind of combination? Naturally, you’d turn to stock photos and look for an image that catches your eye. For designers, looking for that perfect graphic translates into flipping through many pages of online stock image search results.

It’s frustrating and difficult to find a conceptual graphic when all the stock photos are tagged with flat keywords like “man, flag, weapon.”

But wait, what’s this? Collection? This is just what you, the designer, were looking for! Modern War – Men, Weapons, and Pain. A hand-picked collection of relevant stock photos on your topic of interest. War, army, soldiers, jet, tank, pain, military, patriotism, it’s all here.

This new thematic collection feature is in beta. More collections will become available in the coming months.

P.S. Patriotism may look something like this:

patriotism, war, army, navy, military

Patriotism Photo - War Photo

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