What it takes to sell photos online

Dollar Sign It’s no secret that some photographic subjects are highly marketable, while others are harder and harder to sell. Enormous growth of the stock photo industry in the recent years coupled with internet expansion has opened doors to the world of stock photography for many photographers.

Stock photo agencies around the world have accumulated quite a large number of “non-dated” images that will not need to be replaced any time soon. These images include animals, sunsets, clouds, and natural landmarks – the very subjects many photographers love to take pictures of.  ShutterPoint’s own statistics confirm that these subjects are in high supply but demand is scarce.

While these images do sell, getting “a piece of the pie” in these categories is hard. (Please see the Selling Photos on ShutterPoint for more examples of low marketability subjects).

The key to success in the stock photography field is to figure out what the buyers of photography want, and then provide it. Many photographers shoot what they want instead of what buyers want, and then are disappointed with their stock sales. If you are seriously trying to sell your photography, you need to choose your subject wisely. Before taking a picture intended for stock use, ask yourself how such an image may be used. If you are not sure what it can be used for, the photo buyer won’t be either. On the other hand, if you can create an image the buyers need, they will buy it from you regardless of your level of experience or who you are, often paying a higher price. This makes producing WHAT BUYERS WANT a simple, but often overlooked concept in stock photography.

The above has been taken from the ShutterPoint Marketable Photography Guide. If you have not yet taken a look at it, we strongly recommend all photographers serious about selling photos to read it and try to follow the tips in the guide.

ShutterPoint photographers can get the guide free with any active storage space subscription.

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