Photo page gets better!

Yes, the page that showcases your beautiful photos, that’s the one.

First, we’ve completely taken the page apart, analyzed each section under the microscope. Then, using advanced user experience optimization techniques and voodoo dolls, we pieced the page back together. Over the years (8.5 years to be exact) the photo page has evolved into a complete state of cohesion, where each piece of functionality is strongly related to one another. Euphoria.

Now the actual breakdown:

  1. Image Zoom – no flash player needed (read: works on iPads!), works within the page (no more popups!), faster load times, easy on/off switch.
  2. Purchasing options – stands out more, redesigned and cleaned-up “Help Me Choose” behavior (no popup, loads directly on page).
  3. Share tools – they show up in a non-intrusive expandable panel, Google+ added. Share away!
  4. Previous and Next links added to the top of the image to navigate within current album.
  5. My Photo dashboard – new layout for the contributor info related to the image. Why is it yellow? So that you can tell it apart from the content that other people will see about your photo.
  6. Similar images recommendations added, which is like a reality check to make sure no one else is shooting and posting rare coin collection photos.
  7. Faster page loading speed with primary content available ahead of the rest of the page being fully ready. There’s really no visual way to explain this, except voooosh!

ShutterPoint Team

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